Play All Day, Rest Peacefully All Night!

That’s our simple, straightforward philosophy when it comes to boarding your family pet. For no extra fee, your dog can interact with the other canine guests and our “yard dog” team members, as much or as little as they wish, all day long. They’ll enjoy themselves while getting plenty of exercise, and, not to worry: All dogs are fully supervised.

Run-A-Muk canine guests are brought outside first thing in the morning to “take care of business” while staff gets breakfast ready. They come inside to eat and rest before going back out for the day, if they so choose, until dinnertime, when they are fed safely and separately from their playmates. An hour or so after dinner, they are allowed out for another hour or two before being brought back inside and tucked in for the night.

What Run-A-Muk Offers

  • Interaction, socialization and lots of exercise all day every day.
  • Peaceful sleep after active, fun-filled days.
  • The convenience of drop off or pick up every day of the year!

Requirements for Canine Boarders

  • Successful completion of our on-site 4-hour “temperament assessment” by reservation (not a walk-in service)
  • Current and complete Vaccination records from your veterinarian for:
    • Rabies
    • Distemper/Parvo
    • Bordetella
  • Proof of sterilization (spay or neuter)
  • Dogs equipped with well-fitting FLAT BUCKLE collar or harness with ATTACHED NAME TAG (no chain, prong, martingale collars)
  • Completed Client, Pet Info & Dog Waiver forms
  • Please bring your dog’s food in a sealed, waterproof container, labeled with your pet’s name and clear feeding instructions. Include food for a few extra days…just in case. Don’t forget to bring any medications, supplements, treats and instructions that we will need for your dog’s proper care.
  • Please do not bring any toys or favorite items that could possibly be misplaced or damaged by other guests.

What You and Your Dog Can Expect

Normal pack play stimulates your dog in a way that may not happen at home. Constant exercise has a mellowing effect on dogs. Don’t be alarmed if your dog seems to sleep more than usual upon returning home. There is so much activity at Run-A-Muk; most likely your dog won’t want to miss a thing and will expend much more energy than when he is at home lying around. Particularly with single dogs, the return home can be a bit of a letdown – they miss all their new friends, the constant animation and, frankly, home just seems a bit quiet. Therefore it is not unusual for dogs to “rest up” or appear to be a bit down in the dumps after a vacation with us. Don’t worry – they will soon return to their normal selves.
Because our guests are outside for much of the day playing and running on a variety of surfaces (gravel, dirt, bark and tarmac), your dog may experience tender feet. Until his feet ‘toughen up’, you may notice him walking gingerly or licking his paws. This is completely normal and nothing to be alarmed about. Additionally, normal pack play can involve roughhousing, and your pet may occasionally get minor nicks or scratches. Appropriate routine first aid will be applied as necessary. Of course, you will be promptly notified if your pet has sustained or caused any injury that requires further attention.

We offer a
BUY 10
discount card for daycare and boarding.