What Clients are Saying about Run-A-Muk

“Maggie is a regular visitor at Run-a-Muk. Maggie was rescued at 4 months old. Since that time, she has been hanging out with the dogs and the staff at RAM for 1.5 years now.

She loves it and so do I. She gets exercise and invaluable socialization with other dogs and the great staff. Maggie has grown from an insecure pup to one with self-confidence and pride. Thank you Run-a-Muk!

Simply cannot say enough for the entire staff. They go the extra mile to ensure positive interactions and a clean environment for all the pets, young and old, healthy and frail. The staff is so helpful and I never worry about Maggie’s safety. Their fees are affordable.

It feels really good to see your beloved pet having fun in a controlled, happy atmosphere.”


I love Run-a-Muk!! I have boarded and used the daycare at RAM for my young large breed dog and am so pleased with their services and with the staff. My dog gets a full day of exercise AND if she boards there, plays all day then eats, goes to bed and sleeps like a baby forgetting that she isn’t home!! Unlike other boarding facilities, RAM allows full play and socialization all day allowing dogs to get exercise while enjoying their pack instincts. My dog’s temperament has remained playful and easygoing and I attribute it to her stays at RAM. The staff is wonderful, accommodating and very much dog lovers all of them. Treat your pet to this wonderful animal playground as they “go to the dogs” in the best of ways!!!


I have large, high energy dogs and before I started taking them to Run-a-Muk, I only considered having pet sitters in my home. Like many dog owners, my dogs are an integral part of my family and I only want them to be comfortable and happy when their humans go on trips. What I know is that ever since their first stay at Run-a-Muk, they are always excited to return to their little vacation getaway. I have absolutely no concerns about their care or the good socialization they enjoy.


When we are out of town, whether it’s for the day or for a week, we are always confident about bringing our dog Reyna to Run-a-Muk! Everyone there is incredibly accommodating and they truly care for all the animals in their facility. We’ve even boarded our two cats, and we were very impressed with the large space that Run-a-Muk provides for them. Not all places would so happily stick to our pets’ raw food It is an immeasurable comfort to know that our pets are happy while we are away, and we’d readily recommend using this facility for daycare and/or boarding if you want your pets to be happy and active while you’re away.


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